Parent Partnership

MECS respects, values and emphasises the vital role that parents play in the education of their children. We have a long and rich history of parental involvement, and have experienced the significant difference this makes in the education of children. Just as we have specific orientation events and processes to welcome new students to MECS, there are also many ways we involve and welcome parents to our community. We love and encourage it when parents are looking for ways to get involved. There are three key ways to be involved. First, it is the attitude you bring, second it is assisting your child, and third it is contributing practically. First in parent partnership is the attitude that parents bring along. Are you open to building a strong relationship? Are you actively interested in your child’s educational program? This involves healthy communication between home and school: reading the correspondence that comes home… getting on the phone when there are issues… dropping notes… helping your child use their school diary, and so on.

The second big aspect is assisting your child as a learner. Are you aware of their educational issues and are you working in partnership with their teacher to help make their schooling as successful as possible? Can you assist and guide? Do they need extra support? Does your child’s teacher understand their educational issues? Parents are the key to addressing these things. We desire that parents will work with us if issues arise during their child’s time at MECS. We want to work with parents to achieve the best possible outcome for their child. We want to use our educational expertise in partnership with parents’ insight and knowledge of their child, to understand, assist and nurture each child. Sometimes this can be a difficult journey. Children can have complex emotional and academic struggles. The third area relates to contributing practically. MECS has a wonderful history of sacrificial service by parents. Parents can assist in classes, supervise exams, help with camps and excursions, care for our beautiful facilities through working bees or other voluntary practical help, join the Association, serve on the governing Board, participate in the Friends of MECS group, pay fees on time, attend concerts and events involving your child, read newsletters and of course interact with teachers.