Enrolment Process

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your children at MECS. Through the enrolment process we hope to get to know your family and gain an understanding of what you know and believe about Christian education, what is motivating you to consider MECS, and to gain an insight into your children and their educational requirements. Choosing the right school for your children’s education is extremely important. We trust that by this stage, you have thoroughly investigated the type of school MECS is by reading through the Focus on Identity booklet, and other information, included in the enquiry pack.

We also hope that you have had the chance to visit the school either at an Open Day or for a school tour. If you have not had a tour please contact our Enrolment Manager, Beth Matthews, via the school office, to arrange a suitable time. Throughout this process, it is essential that we gain a full picture of your children and their educational requirements including academic, behavioural, social, physical, emotional and any educational support needs.

We ask that you fully inform us, and where applicable, provide a copy of any supporting documentation such as medical, psychological or academic assessment reports, including previous school reports and NAPLAN results. Applications will not be processed until all documentation is received.

Once your application is received with all required documentation, it will be processed according to the MECS enrolment policy. Not all applications received will result in an enrolment position. Priority for placements will be given to Christian families, and siblings of children already attending. Enrolment acceptance is at the absolute discretion of the Principal, acting in accordance with the enrolment policy.

In most situations, applications will be processed 2 years prior to the entry year, and your placement may not be confirmed or declined until 1-2 years prior to entry year. We will contact you by phone, email or letter to advise you of the outcome of your application:

  1. Your family will be invited to attend an enrolment interview, or
  2. Your children’s names will be placed onto the applications list, to be processed 2 years prior to entry year, or
  3. Your children’s names will be placed on the waiting list for the relevant classes, or
  4. Your application will be declined. It is the policy of the school to not provide reasons if an enrolment application is declined.

Applications that are successful and result in the offer of an enrolment position are secured by the payment of a Family Bond ($500) at the time of acceptance. The bond is refundable at the conclusion of your child/ ren’s education at MECS (subject to conditions outlined in the Partnership Agreement).

Additional Documentation

Please attach copies of these documents to your application (where applicable). - Letter from a Pastor/Senior Church Leader who can testify for your Christian faith (pastoral reference) - Birth Certificate (or extract) - Immunisation Certificate - NAPLAN results - Most recent School Reports (at least 2 reports) - Documents relating to Educational Support needs - Visa Documentation If you have any questions regarding the enrolment process, please contact our Enrolment Manager via the office, 03 9738 6000