It is very important to us that students starting at MECS have a positive start! Our Orientation Program is designed to welcome new families, and familiarise both parents and students with MECS.  For students coming at MECS at the start of a new year, we have a number of orientation sessions, parent information sessions and an Orientation Day to help you and your child/ren feel comfortable and familiar with the MECS staff, other students and grounds.

In Term 3 of the year before your family commences at MECS you will be sent orientation information and schedules specific to your family. We encourage all families to participate in these programs as they are highly beneficial for the students, and also provide our staff with the opportunity to get to know your child/ren.

If you are having a mid-year start, we will organise opportunities for your family to come in for a meet and greet with the appropriate staff.

Please contact our Enrolment Manager, Beth Matthews via the school office, if you have any questions about our Orientation programs.