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Welcome to the MECS Senior School - a great place to complete your final years of schooling and be challenged in your worldview thinking.

Senior School at MECS comprises Years 10-12. The culture of the Senior School reflects the strong relationships formed over years of schooling, as well as being a welcoming place for transferring students.  The culture also reflects the growing independence and individual responsibility of learners. MECS Senior School meets the Victorian Curriculum’s educational expectations from a distinctively Christian perspective, and more importantly leads students to a deeper understanding of their calling in God’s world. In the Senior School at MECS, we use the motto ‘Faithful Learning, Faithful Living’ to try to succinctly capture the educational approach we strive for. By stating that we are aiming for faithful learning, we invite students to take seriously their commitment to the educational task before them. Faithful living is deeply intertwined with the notion of faithful learning, but also seeks to encourage the broader outworking of faith in the day to day experience of schooling.

Karissa Esselbrugge

Karissa Esselbrugge
Assistant Principal - Secondary

Amelia Koole

Mrs Amelia Koole
Senior School Coordinator


What is unique about the MECS Senior School?

MECS Senior School provides curriculum, teachers and a learning environment that recognises Christ as Lord of all of life. We are committed to ensuring that all learning is related to our Christian faith, continuing the Christian educational vision that shapes the primary and middle school levels of MECS. MECS’ distinctiveness as a Christian school is found in the perspective from which we source our teaching. In preparing students for further education we seek to prepare and equip our students for learning and living in secular (educational) environments. We strive to enable our students to become aware of, and exposed to, the idolatry of the different perspectives with which they will be confronted in tertiary institutions or in the workforce. Such an approach provides students with an in-depth understanding and insight into the way in which their studies fit together, and provides excellent preparation for them in their tertiary education and work-life choices.

MECS places high importance on developing students’ ability to question the culture that they live in. Students in Year 10 undertake compulsory Aboriginal studies, designed to develop empathy for others’ experiences. This culminates in a three-day immersion experience at an Indigenous community in the Northern Territory. Many past students have been inspired by this experience to go on to serve others in remote communities.  In Year 12, all of our students participate in a non-VCE class called Philosophy of Ideas. Here students wrestle with the bigger questions of life as we believe these are essential to authentically preparing them for life after school. 

In the Senior School, there is a strong sense of community. Students are involved in cross-age pastoral care classes each morning which provide an opportunity to connect and grow together spiritually and personally. Many students arriving new to MECS at the Senior School level report a distinct sense of cohesion amongst students compared to previous schools.

MECS offers a wide range of VCE subjects with smaller class sizes. We are dedicated to offering every subject that is a prerequisite for any tertiary course and offers a strong mix of Arts, Science, Humanities and Mathematics.  We are passionate about enabling students to study the subjects that interest them and that they are gifted in. For those that wish to study subjects outside of our offerings, we facilitate learning through Virtual Schools Victoria (formerly Distance Education Victoria). We are also committed to enabling students to study any VET in Schools course desired as part of their VCE. We are a school that is committed to meeting the needs of individual students and their unique career aspirations. We believe that God gifts us all in unique ways -  there is no one size fits all. While some may choose to follow an academic pathway, others may wish to embark on a trade. Both pathways are equally valued at MECS. We are delighted to be able to provide the opportunity for students to choose to attend our Trade Training Centre, Ranges TEC, for their Senior Secondary Years if they so desire.

Senior School Values

In the Senior School at MECS, we use the motto ‘Faithful Learning, Faithful Living’ to try and succinctly capture the educational approach we strive for. By stating that we are aiming for faithful learning, we invite students to take seriously their commitment to the educational task before them. We encourage students to explore the notion that we do things not just for ourselves but in faithfulness to something bigger than ourselves (God).  Faithful living is deeply intertwined with the notion of faithful learning, but it seeks to encourage the broader outworking of faith in the day-to-day experience of schooling (and beyond). At MECS, we encourage our students to think of others before themselves, acting in kindness and grace towards each other. Students are not competing with one another but encouraging each other to meet their goals and reach their educational potential. When students experience conflict with one another, our highest priority is to bring about the restoration of a broken relationship through teacher-guided conversations. We aim to encourage students to develop empathy and listening skills which will help them in dealing with conflict in the future.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to support each student in meeting their educational goals, with teachers intentionally teaching from a Christian perspective and modelling Christ-centred values.

Our Culture

The Senior School provides students with a sense of belonging and recognises that each person is wonderfully created by God, each with individual and unique gifts that are valuable, worthy of development and specifically given by Him. The culture of the Senior School is responsive to the stage of development that students are at. On the brink of adulthood, students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning while at the same time, staff motivate and enable them to work to their potential. Staff listen to their ideas, guide them in their decisions, encouraging them to make good life choices so that students transition into further study and work internally driven and with the ability to independently problem-solve.

YEAR 10 -  New Opportunities

The Year 10 program is designed to be a springboard into Years 11 and 12. Students are equipped to undertake VCE or have the option of moving into VCAL. A broad variety of classes enables all students to choose from the range of subjects available in Years 11 and 12. Students have a number of electives including two electives (Fine Arts, Manual Arts, Film & Media, Textiles, Dance, Robotics, Engineering, Set design, Handcrafts, Sport Science, Fitness, Drama, Hospitality and Music) and the opportunity to fast track a VCE or VETiS (VET in Schools) subject. MECS facilitates students in accessing the full ranges of VETiS courses available to them. VETiS courses are essentially TAFE courses at Certificate II or III level that students can complete as part of their VCE or VCAL program. Some of these courses are delivered by MECS at our Ranges TEC campus. Others at local schools or TAFEs.  Students also have a choice of streamed Mathematics and Science classes and can opt to continue their studies in Indonesian in addition to, or in place of, some of their study periods or one elective. The Year 10 program includes the following highlights: Two weeks of Work Experience; Transition Week - a week dedicated to exploring future pathways including visits to a range of universities and TAFEs; Career Development classes, and the highlight for many in Year 10 – the 16 day Central Australia Trip. 

YEAR 11  - Embracing Challenges

For many students, Year 11 is the real beginning to VCE and a significant step up in their educational journey. The fact that the students have been in the Senior School for the whole of Year 10 means that they have adapted to the campus and know many of the teachers they will have for their VCE classes. This helps to create a smooth transition into the VCE years. Year 11 begins at the end of Year 10 with a week-long ‘Early Commencement week’. This allows students to have a good idea of the nature of the subjects they have chosen for the next year. Highlights of the Year 11 program include the Year 11 Formal in Term 4. Students prepare for this in Term 3 with weekly dance lessons.  Another highlight is the Year 11 Adventure Day which may involve white water rafting and caving.

YEAR 12 - Building Community

Year 12 students have reached the last year of their schooling education. They are the leaders of the school and as such are aware of the need to model the right behaviour and dedication to learning for younger students. The Year 12 students undergo a two-week Early Commencement program at the end of the previous year. This means that students are well on their way with each VCE unit before the year starts. They begin the year with a two day Year 12 camp with sessions including study skills, time management, and exam techniques. It’s also a fun, community building start to the year. The year ends with two significant highlights: the Year 12 Muckeration Day - a school-wide celebration of the Year 12s finishing their formal schooling; and the final event - the Year 12 Graduation Dinner, celebrated with family, friends and teaching staff. 

Career Support

MECS Senior School students have access to career support services such as:

We encourage you to check out our helpful careers website.

Senior School Curriculum

As a Senior School, we uphold the school’s approach to a biblical approach to the curriculum. We seek to understand how our area of learning fits within God’s story, and how God’s story speaks into our topic, whilst also upholding the relevant requirements set out by the Victorian Curriculum (Year 10)  and the VCAA Study Designs (VCE).  

Year 10 subjects - Aboriginal Studies, Electives (TBC),  Careers & Supervised Study Periods, Cultural Studies, English, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Sport, Science, Life Skills / VCE/VET Subject (Students must apply for these options)

VCE subjects available at Year 10: At MECS - Drama Units 1 & 2 (Auditing available at Year 10 level*),  Studio Arts Units 1 & 2, Psychology Units 1 & 2. At External Schools: Range of options at  Victorian School of Languages, VCE Language (eg. French, German etc), Unit 1&2 Outdoor and Environmental Studies (Mountain District Christian School) offered every 2nd year.

VCE subjects available for year 11 and 12.  Biology .Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4.  Business Management Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4. Chemistry Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4. Drama Units 1 & 2, 3 &4. English Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4. Health & Human Development Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4.  History Units 1 & 2, 3 & 4. Legal studies Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Literature Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Mathematics (General & Further) Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Mathematical Methods Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Music Performance Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Outdoor & Environmental Studies Units 3 & 4 (Mountain District Christian School - offered every 2nd Year), Philosophy of Ideas,  Physical Education Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Physics Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Psychology Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Religion & Society, Units 2, 3 & 4, Studio Arts Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, Text & Traditions Units 2, 3 & 4, Visual Communication Design Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, VCE Options at External Schools

Senior School Handbook


In the Senior School, each student is able to choose to bring their own device (BYOD) or use the laptops available in the Senior School (offered at a 1:1 ratio). These laptops are the property of the school, and are serviced and maintained by MECS IT staff. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during class or in the Study Centre without express permission given by a teacher. Whilst students are allowed to access phones during break times, students are not permitted to use phones for entertainment and will be requested to return phones to their locker or hand in to administration. 

Online Learning

The Senior School makes use of Schoolbox as our Learning Management System (LMS). Students access Schoolbox for Flipped Learning Classes (Online Lessons), class materials, submission of some assessments and online class discussions. To further support students in their online learning, VCE students will also have access to Edrolo. This online program supports learning with clear VCAA content, video tutorials, progression tests, practice exams and allows students to keep track of their understanding throughout the school year. 

Sporting Opportunities

Through our sports program, students have the opportunity to represent MECS at interschool sports. These include individual sports such as swimming, athletics and cross-country; as well as the team sports of Netball, Basketball, Futsal, and Volleyball/Badminton. Students who perform well at an inter-school level in individual sports have the opportunity to compete at higher levels.  In 2019, expert coaches in some team sports will work with MECS teachers to bring further depth to the sports program. Keen students should keep an eye out for Tribal challenges held at lunchtimes. We also offer an additional Netball and Soccer Sports Academy outside school hours. Students participate in training one morning and one afternoon per week.

Performing Arts

Students gifted or interested in the areas of performing arts have a number of different opportunities to develop their skills, including our instrumental program, our band and ensemble opportunities, and our biennial secondary musical/drama production. Our Instrumental program at MECS includes a team of tutors providing lessons in a range of instruments. At recitals, our community of parents, friends, staff and students gather to support our soloists and ensembles from throughout the school. Every second year the Secondary School coordinates and performs a Production to the school community. All Secondary students are invited to take part with auditions held for the main roles. The most recent production showcased fabulous dramatic, musical, and dancing talent in the adapted Shakespeare play, ‘A Mid-Semester Night’s Dream.’ Middle School students are invited to join the Secondary band. Rehearsals occur during lunchtimes, and the band performs in assemblies, productions, musical evenings and community events such as Open Days.

Student Leadership

There is a range of Student Leadership opportunities available to students in the Senior School. Students may volunteer or be nominated by staff for the formal ‘Student Leadership Team’ who have a particular focus on culture and community within the school. Students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through attending leadership camps and workshops, participating in the school Worship Band, taking part in various event organising committees, or in “captaining” sports teams. In Year 12, two to three students are selected by the staff to act as Senior School student leaders. These leaders are responsible for running some assemblies, liaising between staff and students, exemplifying the behavioural values of the school and encouraging the Senior School students.

Centre Trip - a longstanding MECS tradition

A highlight of the MECS integrated camps program is the annual year 10 trip to a remote indigenous community in Central Australia.

The students experience in a practical way the culture of Australia’s original inhabitants, alongside the wonders of creation in the Red Centre. Living together as a community for 16 days and being confronted by ‘developing world’ living conditions means that the trip is invariably a growing experience for all students. Each year we spend several days in the community sharing and forming relationships with the people in the town, largely through making friends with the children and entering into the activities that they are involved in. MECS has been involved with this community for over 35 years and has built a strong relationship with the school there.

Want to know more?

I invite you to come on a personalised tour and see the MECS difference for yourself. As a past student and current parent, I would love to share some of my MECS experience with you and tell you more about what makes this school unique.

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