About Us

The Executive Team

The day to day operations of MECs is currently run by the Executive Team.

Principal - Narelle Sketcher
Assistant Principal Secondary - Karissa Esselbrugge
Assistant Principal Primary - Di Emery
Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning - Lisa Dumicich
Administration Manager - Gerry Beimers

Our Faith

80% of our families at MECs adhere to the Christian faith.This means that they have faith in Jesus Christ and that the families regularly attend a church community. 

Where did MECS come from?

MECS began as a dream in the mid-1950s. Christian parents dreamed of education with a Christian perspective for their children, and grandchildren. In the 1960s, they organised themselves and were very active in raising funds. In 1964, the pioneers formed their Association of Parents for Christian Education, Mount Evelyn and accelerated the pace of work to establish a Christian school. With daring and vision in 1970, they purchased our wonderful six-hectare school property. Their dreams were realised when they opened Mount Evelyn, Christian Primary School on the 3rd February 1973 – a full 19 years after the very first fundraising effort. The school opened with three teachers teaching 80 children in Years Prep to 6 in three composite groups.